20% Of Indians Affected by Phishing Attacks : Microsoft Survey


Microsoft has released the results of the third annual Microsoft Computing Safer Index (MCSI) that reveals impact of poor online safety precautions being taken.

The company surveyed over 10,000 consumers in 20 countries including India. Out of these 10,000 consumers, 20 percent of Indians had claimed that they had been victims of online phishing attacks and in a worrying statistic, 12 percent Indians said that they had suffered an identity theft at an average cost of Rs 7,500.

Surprisingly, only 34% of respondents around the world said they limit what strangers see on social networks and the amount of personal information online, while 38% said they adjust their social network privacy settings, the survey revealed. It also noted that only 35% of users use a PIN (personal identification number) or password to lock their mobile devices.

According to the MCSI survey, the annual worldwide impact of phishing and various other forms of identity thefts could be as high as $5 billion. The cost of repairing online reputation is far higher at around $6 billion or an estimated average of $632 per loss. “Internet users can prevent intrusions and thefts by using a unique four-digit PIN for mobile devices and strong passwords for online accounts,” Microsoft India National Technology Officer Prakash Kumar said. He advised that users should perform sensitive transactions over secured networks, which includes paying bills, banking or shopping.

Finally, the software giant also issued tips and guidance on the Internet Safety Day, like using a unique four-digit PIN for mobile devices and strong passwords for online accounts; performing sensitive transactions over secured networks like paying bills, banking or shopping, rather than sharing personal account information over “borrowed” or public wifi connections among others.

India ranked fourth among countries targeted by phishing attacks as per an EMC Report last year.


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