China’s Tianhe-2 world’s fastest supercomputer again

China’s Tianhe-2 mainframe computer, capable of in operation at thirty three.86 petaflop/s, has preserved the title of world’s quickest mainframe computer, beating competitorsboth the USA and Japan. it’s engineered by China’s National University of Defence Technology in Kuangchou.

China‘s Tianhe-2

Its computing speed is that the equivalent of performing arts thirty three,863 trillion calculations per second and is sort of double the score achieved by the second most powerful machine: the yank Titan mainframe, that clocked in at seventeen.59 petaflop/s.

Tianhe-2 preserved its position because the world’s No. 1 system, in step with the forty second edition of the semiannual TOP500 list of the world’s most powerful supercomputers declared yesterday.

Titan, a Cray XK7 system put in at the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Oak Ridge National Laboratory, remains the No. 2 system. It achieved seventeen.59 Pflop/s on the Linpack.

Titan is one in every of the foremost energy economical systems on the list intense a complete of eight.21 MW and delivering two.143 gigaflops/W, in step with the list.

Sequoia, associate degree IBM BlueGene/Q system put in at DOE’s Lawrence Mary Ashton Rice Livermore National Laboratory, is once more the No. 3 system. it had been initial delivered in 2011 and achieved seventeen.17 Plop/s on the Linpack.

Fujitsu’s K pc put in at the RIKEN Advanced Institute for process Science (AICS) in Kobe, Japan, is the No. four system with ten.51 Pflop/s on the Linpack.

Mira, a BlueGene/Q system put in at DOE’s Meuse-Argonne National Laboratory, is No. 5 with 8.59 Plop/s on the Linpack.

The new entry within the TOP10 is at No. vi – Piz Daint, a Cray XC30 system put in at land National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS) in Lugano, Swiss Confederation and currently the foremost powerful system in Europe. It achieved vi.27 Pflop/s and is additionally the foremost energy economical system within the TOP10 intense a complete of two.33 MW and delivering two.7 Gflops/W.

Stampede at the American state Advanced Computing Center of the University of American state, Austin, slipped to No. 7; whereas as a BlueGene/Q system referred to as JUQEEN put in at the Forschungszentrum Juelich in Federal Republic of Germany isn’t any. 8.

Number nine is taken by Roman deity, another IBM BlueGene/Q system at Lawrence Mary Ashton Rice Livermore National Laboratory; and No. ten is that the third system in Europe, the SuperMUC, put in at mathematician Rechenzentrum in Federal Republic of Germany.

The total combined performance of500 systems on the list is 250 Pflop/s. half the overall performance is achieved by the highest seventeen systems on the list, with the opposite half total performancespread among the remaining 483 systems.

The U.S.A. is clearly the leading shopper of HPC systems with 265 of the five hundred systems. the eu share of 102 systems continues to be less than the Asian share of one hundred fifteen systems. Dominant countries in Asia ar China with sixty three systems and Japan with twenty eight systems. In Europe, UK, France, and Federal Republic of Germany, ar virtually equal with twenty three, 22, and twenty severally.


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