Experts says 80% people forget to breathe while using computer


You must have detected of sleep apnea, however did you recognize concerning Email symptom (EA)? the matter, say specialists, affects 80% of internet users.

What is it?
Obesity knowledgeable, laparoscopic and bariatric surgeon Dr Muffazal Lakdawala says Ea could be a term coined by Linda Stone, a former IT government.

“It happens once an individual becomes thus engrossed in his/her pc that he/she forgets to breathe. it’s a variant of apnea, that is often seen in weighty people. apnea is characterised by pauses in respiratory or instances of shallow or occasional respiratory throughout sleep. Ea happens once an individual writing associate e-mail — or doing any task on pc , which needs concentration — either dozes off or encompasses a fleeting lapse in concentration ,” says Dr Amit Saraf, consultant, general medicine.

If you notice any of the on top of symptoms, it warrants a visit to your MD. “A polysomnography, commonly called sleep study, can typically nail the matter. It provides lots of data in terms of observation the brain waves, tonus, flowing within the mouth and nose, heart rate and breathing behaviour,” says Dr Lakdawala.

“EA is more common among obese people and therefore the most significant part of treatment includes weight loss. observation respiratory and employing a heart-rate monitor area unit helpful. If the symptom episodes occur a lot of often , it’s sensible to go to a doctor,” says Dr Lakdawala.

Adds Dr Amit, “This condition is additionally seen in people that have a medical condition referred to as Metabolic Syndrome (which includes blubber, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and raised cholesterol). Keeping these issues in check, travail daily, drinking a lot of water and increasing fruit intake area unit some ways that to forestall or cure Ea.”

Tips to prevent it

* Take frequent breaks and practise respiratory and eye exercises whereas engaged on a pc.
* Since blubber and e-mail apnoea area unit interlinked, weight management is extremely vital.
* Follow a low-carb and high-fibre diet, avoid alcohol and late-night dinners/ snacks and exercise frequently.

* Light-headedness
* Palpitations
* Facial flushing
* Anxiety
* Restlessness
* Excessive sweating
* Drowsiness
* Irritability
* Headaches
* Memory lapse at times


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