You can also access twitter on cell phones without Internet


Twitter INC is arrival with a Singapore-based startup to create its 140-character electronic messaging service available to users in rising markets WHO have entry-level mobile phones that cannot access the web. U2opia Mobile, that encompasses a similar tie-up with Facebook INC , will launch its Twitter service within the first quarter of next year, Chief […]


Indian firms lost $52.9 million (Rs 328 crore) as a results of phishing attacks in the third quarter


Indian firms lost $52.9 million (Rs 328 crore) as a results of phishing attacks within the third quarter, in step with a report by security software maker RSA’s anti-fraud command centre. Phishing refers to cyber criminals sitting as legitimate entities to extract usernames and passwords for bank accounts, which may then be used to defraud […]

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Internet-connected devices like smartTVs, routers and security cameras also are currently prone to attacks from cybercriminals


Besides PCs and mobile phones, internet-connected devices like smartTVs, routers and security cameras also are currently at risk of attacks from cybercriminals, security software system supplier Symantec aforesaid. With scores of devices currently connecting to the web and in several cases, running embedded operational systems like automaton, these devices have become a magnet for cybercriminals […]


Malicious software system keeps growing exponentially on computers and mobile devices, fueled partly by hackers’ ability to bypass a key security live

Malware attack

Malicious code is on the increase each on computers and mobile devices, fueled  partially by hackers’ ability to bypass a key security live, researchers aforesaid on Wed. McAfee Labs aforesaid in its third quarter survey that it’s seeing an increase in malware that circumvents the supposed digital signature validation meant to confirm code is sure. […]

China’s Tianhe-2 world’s fastest supercomputer again

China‘s Tianhe-2

China’s Tianhe-2 mainframe computer, capable of in operation at thirty three.86 petaflop/s, has preserved the title of world’s quickest mainframe computer, beating competitorsboth the USA and Japan. it’s engineered by China’s National University of Defence Technology in Kuangchou. Its computing speed is that the equivalent of performing arts thirty three,863 trillion calculations per second and […]


It’s the world’s initial noninvasive human-to-human brain interface. Telepathy (+), mind control (-)

human-to-human brain interface

The first human-to-human, brain-to-brain noninvasive interface has been created by researchers at the University of Washington. The system permits one research worker to remotely management the hand of another research worker, across the web, just by pondering moving his hand. The researchers ar already viewing a two-way system, to permit for a a lot of […]

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UT metropolis pc scientists have developed a way to form 3D pictures that finds sensible applications of a theory created by a notable scientist.

New 3-D Technique

This technique uses anisotropic triangles — triangles with sides that adjust long reckoning on their direction — to form three-D “mesh” tricks of a lot of correct approximations of the form of the first object, and during a shorter quantity of your time than current techniques. These varieties of pictures area unit utilized in movies, […]


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