The development of email authentication standards has finally reduced email phishing scams, in line with Googlesecurity researchers. Elie Bursztein, Google’s anti-abuse analysis lead, and Vijay Eranti, Gmail’s anti-abuse technical lead, same that these authentication standards, known as DomainKey known Email (DKIM) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF), are currently in widespread use, CNET reports. Internet business […]

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Twitter INC is arrival with a Singapore-based startup to create its 140-character electronic messaging service available to users in rising markets WHO have entry-level mobile phones that cannot access the web. U2opia Mobile, that encompasses a similar tie-up with Facebook INC , will launch its Twitter service within the first quarter of next year, Chief […]



Besides PCs and mobile phones, internet-connected devices like smartTVs, routers and security cameras also are currently at risk of attacks from cybercriminals, security software system supplier Symantec aforesaid. With scores of devices currently connecting to the web and in several cases, running embedded operational systems like automaton, these devices have become a magnet for cybercriminals […]


Malware attack

Malicious code is on the increase each on computers and mobile devices, fueled  partially by hackers’ ability to bypass a key security live, researchers aforesaid on Wed. McAfee Labs aforesaid in its third quarter survey that it’s seeing an increase in malware that circumvents the supposed digital signature validation meant to confirm code is sure. […]

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