China‘s Tianhe-2

China’s Tianhe-2 mainframe computer, capable of in operation at thirty three.86 petaflop/s, has preserved the title of world’s quickest mainframe computer, beating competitorsboth the USA and Japan. it’s engineered by China’s National University of Defence Technology in Kuangchou. Its computing speed is that the equivalent of performing arts thirty three,863 trillion calculations per second and […]


human-to-human brain interface

The first human-to-human, brain-to-brain noninvasive interface has been created by researchers at the University of Washington. The system permits one research worker to remotely management the hand of another research worker, across the web, just by pondering moving his hand. The researchers ar already viewing a two-way system, to permit for a a lot of […]

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New 3-D Technique

This technique uses anisotropic triangles — triangles with sides that adjust long reckoning on their direction — to form three-D “mesh” tricks of a lot of correct approximations of the form of the first object, and during a shorter quantity of your time than current techniques. These varieties of pictures area unit utilized in movies, […]



In signs of growing net snooping by the social control authorities, Asian country created a mean regarding fifteen requests per day to Google to access personal internet details of users throughout January-June this year. In terms of the quantity of requests for internet user details throughout the primary half 2013, Asian country is next to […]



The internet is fast eroding people’s memories of world-changing events in history, making them more forgetful as they increasingly bank upon Google to provide the information, a new UK study has found. The study of 2,000 adults found less than half of people surveyed could name the year when Princess Diana died, even though it […]


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